Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sirloin Steak with Garlic Butter

I hate to admit that I again forgot to take a picture of this lovely steak when it was done. :(  I am however going to share the recipe!  It was cooked on the grill, it was tender and juicy!  When you bring it out and let it sit you drizzle all the amazing garlic butter on top so it can oooooz into all the cracks and crevases of the steak!  Yummmm!

Enjoy! :)


*4, 4oz sirloin steaks
*Salt/Pepper to taste
*1/2 Cup Butter
*1 teas garlic powder
*4 garlic cloves, minced


1.  Heat grill to medium/high heat

2.  Sprinkle salt and pepper on each steak and place on grill (Cooks about 2-3 mins per side)

3.  In a small saucepan melt butter, and mix in garlic powder and garlic cloves.  Once mixed turn off heat and set aside.

4.  Once meat is done, let rest 10 minutes and pour the garlic butter mixture on top of the steak.


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