The "Skinny"

October 22, 2010

I promise, oh I promise I will start back to WW on Monday, TOMORROW, MONDAY..yea, that sounds good.  Monday I will start back on WW!

October 11, 2010

So what's the skinny, you ask??  I'll tell you the skinny...I'm not near SKINNY!  This weekend while away on vacation with family, I didn't eat anything relatively healthy.  I just couldn't stay away from the s'mores on the campfire!  It was too tempting.  Now that I am home, I'm back on track and will be weighing in on Saturday, I have a lot of work to do in just a few days!

October 5, 2010

This week did not start of well and it still isn't going well.  I did exercise yesterday, but not today.  Eating has been so-so.  Not great and not too bad.  This week I am missing my meeting since we will be out camping for the weekend in Dollywood.  Yay, I'm excited about that!  I'm thinking that next week, I'll be up a pound or so?  I'm going to bring my jogging stroller with me to Dollywood and run/walk still in the mornings before we go out for the day.

Wish me luck for some scale change next week and if not this is going to be me:

October 2, 2010

"Wendy's Weekly Challenge" was not met by me, of course.  I lost another pound, but definitely not two!  Wendy on the other hand met her challenge and lost two pounds!!  Whoo Hooo, you go girl! 

I did buy a exercise video at my WW meeting today, and will start working out with that tomorrow.  There are five different exercises from toning to cardio, so I'm going to try a different one each day this week along with walking in the morning with June-Bug.

With only losing a total of 3.2lbs so far, I can tell I am losing inches.  I didn't take measurements before I started solely because it's so hard to make sure I'm going to re-measure the same spots each month, so I don't think it's very accurate for me.  My clothes are fitting much nicer and I even bought my first pair of Skinny Jeans!!  I can't believe I actually liked them on.  I will post a pic when I wear them again!

September 29, 2010

I am really happy to report that I have worked out every day this week.  Monday, I did week 2 of the C25K and step aerobics, Tuesday, I did an exercise show form FiTV (best exercise channel) and walked 20 minutes, and then today I did two yoga videos and 30 minutes of step aerobics.  I'm extremely sore and my muscles feel really tired, so tomorrow I will just walk. 

I've eaten really well and have stayed within my points range; even last night with eating pizza!!  I'm looking forward to my weekly weigh-in on Saturday.

September 27, 2010

I started Weight Watchers (again) on September 18th.  I am down 2.2lbs and look forward to this nice, long journey of losing the excess poundage I gained during both my pregnancys.  Yes, I do realize my children are 4 and almost 15 months but it is really hard for me to get motivated to lose this weight.  It's almost as if I went to bed at the age of 23, woke up 28 years-old, 50lbs heavier with two kids and stringy, untamed hair!

Oh, the joys of being a parent and the lack of self maintance it causes.  I admit though I look rough, my kids seem to look just perfect each day, with matching accessories.  I find talking with other Mom's that I am not the only one who goes through this.  We pride ourselves through our little ducks as they follow us through life. 

Week 1 I was down 1.2lbs and week 2, I'm down 1lb.  My friend, Wendy has joined me in this journey, of course to keep her title of the "Queen of Dieting."  I am grateful to have her for support and it helps keep me motivated and accountible.  To make things worse, this wonderful friend of mine actually gave me a challenge.  I like to call this "My Weekly Wendy Challange" and it is to lose 2 pounds this week!!  I have a lot of exercising and starvation in my near future.
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