Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Organic

A few years back Jey and I switched everything we ate to all organic from watching an episode of Oprah who's special guest was Dr. Oz.  It worked out good for awhile until we moved to Gainesville and ended up being an hour away from Whole Foods Market.  Slowly, more and more things were becoming unavailable in the traditional grocery stores near us and we got sucked back in to all the processed, heavily pesticided and treated fruits, vegetables and meats. 

Jey has been on my back since we've lived here in Gainesville (3 years) that I just needed to take a day and go drive up to Whole Foods Market to do my grocery shopping.  Sounds so simple to him because I'm doing it trucking 1 hour along two screaming mimi's in the car and cart.  Ok, so back to my reasoning here.  I was talking to my sister-in-law the other day and we were talking about different diets, etc and somehow eating all organic came up, and got me thinking of really all the horrible additives, chemicals, processed foods and pesticides I'm feeding my family every day.  There are even things in your toothpaste that are being researched by the FDA right now that says a particular chemical is possibly linked to humans getting cancer!! 

So on that thought, I am driving my happy butt on up to Duluth to Whole Foods and doing my grocery shopping each week!  Yes, a long hour drive to and from..but to eat healthier and safer I'm all for it!  Oh, btw...I'm an avid Diet Coke drinker..and I have cold turkey stopped!!  Whooo hoooo!  I haven't had a diet coke in 3 weeks now!


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