Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homework for a 4 Year-Old?

Jackson came home on Thursday with an "assignment sheet" listing his project which is due on Monday.  He was to make a family tree.  I discussed his homework with him and soon realized he didn't understand a word I was saying and I was stuck with his homework to complete.

Jey and I rushed out today to get all the supplies for our family tree.  Yes, it has become OUR family tree.  Jey and I found ourselves thinking of creative ways to make the tree, using landscaping nuggets from the yard for the tree trunk, glitter glue to make a sun and clouds, and even green fabric for the leaves.  As we bickered about needing to make the tree look good, it hit me that this was a 4 year-olds project and not a 28 and 31 year-old's project!  I reminded Jey that this was Jackson's project and he was only 4, but Jey had already taken over this project and calmly mentioned to me we needed to get the brown puff paint for the branches.  Needless to say, this 4 year-olds family tree trunk looks a little better than expected; although, Jackson did a lot of the work.


Poor thing put his little finger in the scolding hot glue from the glue gun!  Not a happy camper!

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