Friday, September 24, 2010

Publix Shopping Trip

I love saving money, especially on groceries.  The joy I feel when I look at my receipt with my total savings on it, is indescribable.  My favorite grocery store to shop at is Publix, and my favorite blog to get my weekly coupon match-ups is SouthernSavers

Here is everything I purchased today, and my savings:

*Boneless Pork Chops
*Boneless/Skinless Chicken
*2 boxes of Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches; Printable Coupon
*2 boxes of Eggo Pancakes
*Ready Bake Nestle Cookie Dough; Printable Coupon
*Vitamuffin Tops (such a wonderful thing for those of us on a diet!)
*6 Bags Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer Vegetables; Printable Coupon
*2 Bags Birds Eye Steam Bags (these ended up being FREE with the B1G1 when you purchase Ms. Paul's Fish products)
*Fiber One Cereal; Printable Coupon
*4 Boxes of Kelloggs Apple Jacks/Fruit Loops Cereal; Printable Coupon
*2 Boxes of Mrs. Pauls Fish Sticks (a new staple in our house since Jackson started Pre-K); Printable Coupon
*2 4-Packs of Fiber One Yogurt; Printable Coupon
*NEW Squeezable Garlic (if you haven't used this yet, you must!  It is so easy!)
*Wishbone Salad Dressing; Printable Coupon
*2 Bottles of Glass Plus Cleaner; Printable Coupon
*4 Baking Potatoes
*1lb. White Shrimp (cleaned and devained)

Grand Total: $39.70
Savings: $73.05

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