Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Mom to Another


So I'm sure many of you have heard Cee-Lo's new song titled "F*CK YOU!"  Julianna and I walk on a daily basis at one of our local parks and listen to an application on my phone that plays random music from the category of my choice which was "Top 40."  When we walk there are approximately 25-30 people walking on the trails with us, most elderly enjoying their morning walks.  Sometimes, we stop and talk to some of the little women because they just love the baby; basically what I'm trying to say is we know quite a bit of those people that we pass on the trails.

Ok, back to my story:  One morning the radio was pretty loud because my 14 month old daughter LOVES Katy Perry.  So that day the TOP 40 station was playing quite a bit of her favorite songs, so I had that sucker pumped up to it's highest volume.  Then all the sudden, a song I didn't know came on.  I walked around bopping my head and then "AHHHHHHH"  Cee-Lo just really said "F*CK YOU!"  Not one time or two, but about 20 times.  I scrambled around to find my phone before someone walked beside me and heard this foul language that in addition my sweet 14 month-old is listening to; on accident of course.  Not but 10 seconds later, I heard a fast paced walker was coming up behind us and I couldn't get my phone to stop playing the song, turn the volume down, nothing!!  MY PHONE FROZE!!!!  I quickly grabbed my sweater and shoved it over the phone to muffle the continuous "F*CK YOUS!"  Thankfully, once the walker was far enough in front of me my phone had unfrozen itself and I quickly clicked on "ban this song" on my phone.

This morning while in the car taking Jackson to school the radio was on and I heard this song come on the radio, I was chatting it up on my cellphone so wasn't really paying attention much.  Then I heard Jackson singing that song!!  He hadn't gotten to the bad language parts, but seemed to know the other words?!  I don't know how..maybe Jey..hmmmm, I'm going to have to ask him tomorrow about that.  Anyways, I left the song on to see what Jackson would do and the anticipation was starting to build up...I waited and waited and then here it coooooomes.........Jackson says "oh Mommy, I can't say that word." and goes on to singing the other words.  At that moment I was so proud of him. 

Next thing I'm going to walk to a park and get told "f you lady get off my swing" because of this song.  Grrrrrr!  To mothers and future mothers, ban this song!!!  I don't understand why they allow it on the radio?!


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