Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 Bean Turkey Chili

I found this recipe on Gina's Skinny Taste.  She has a great website full of WW recipes, every recipe I have made so far has been awesome.  This chili is, yes I will say it...better then my own recipe! 


*1 pound ground turkey breast
*1 small onion, chopped
*1 (28oz) can diced tomatoes
*1 (16oz) can tomato sauce
*1 (4.5oz) can chopped chiles, drained
*1 (15oz) can chickpeas, undrained
*1 (15oz) can black beans, undrained
*1 (15oz) can small red beans, undrained
*2 Tbsp chili powder


1. Brown turkey and onion in a medium skillet over med-high heat until cooked through, drain off fat

2. Add the beans, chiles, chickpeas, tomatoes, tomato sauce adn chili powder, mixing well

3. Cook on high 6-8 hours


*I used green onion, yellow onion (Yes, I LOVE onions), and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

Weight Watchers: 3 Points
Serves 12

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