Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Lanterns

Jackson is having a Halloween party at school next week, and I am in charge of the goodie bags.  I was so excited to get my job, and couldn't wait to make them.  I wanted something different than your average cellophane bag with treats in it, so I decided to use little plastic lanterns.

These little lanterns I found at the Dollar Store, the bottom is just glued on, but it twists off very easily.  I twisted off the bottom, filled it with candy skeletons, little plastic spiders, skeleton rings, halloween stickers, a halloween sucker and some other random halloween treats, small of course and then tied a piece of black ribbon around it.  Such a simple and cute favor for any child's party.

Oh, I forgot to mention..the best part about this favor.....IT ONLY COST ME $1.65 EACH!!

Yup, you counted correctly..I have to make 20 of these suckers!!

You can use anything small--I found all these things at the Dollar Tree


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