Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 2

Day 2- Something you love about yourself

I honestly am having a difficult time with this one.  I have even been stressing about this post since yesterday when I read my topic for today.  It seems to be easier for me to write about all the things I hate about myself rather than pick something I love about myself.  So, in my trying times I turned to Jey.  I asked him to be completely honest and tell me the main thing he loved about me hoping it would trigger something I loved about myself, and of course it did.  He said he loved that I was fun, energetic and a good mom.  I questioned him on the whole "good mom" thing because many times, I question whether I am really a "good mom."  That topic was definitely not something I could honestly write in this topic of "something I love about myself." 

Then I began to think of the other two things he mentioned about me, and I felt like there was something great about myself that I did love, and it too was that I am fun!!  I love dancing, singing, and just being plain crazy at times.  I'm loud, and even at times funny. ;)  I will try anything at least once and I tend to believe I get this free spirited attitude from my father, who is extremely witty and the life of the party. 

Growing up, my parents always took us places that were "fun;" what I mean by that is we would go do active things, Disney World, Busch Gardens, water parks, just things that as a kid you would think would be good ol' family FUN!  I hope that as my kids get older they realize how super cool and fun their mom is :), even if I'm not the "best mom" at times. 

Wow, I'm glad I wrote that.  It made me feel really good, and I realized that I do love something about myself!  I'M FUN!!


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