Thursday, October 14, 2010

Publix Totals

Spent $28.27, Saved 41.36
 Not as great as I would have liked, but still decent.  I added a few things that were over $1 because they were on sale at a decent price and I needed them.

*2 Bags of Salad (Not pictured)
*1 Green Giant Steamers
*1 Marie Callendar's Frozen Steamer Meal
*2 Coffee Mate Creamers, 32oz (Awesome deal, they only cost me $1 a piece!!)
*2 Weight Watcher Breakfast Quesadillas (On sale for 5/$10, pretty good price so I had to add these and they are sooooo delish!)
*1 Dunkin Hines Brown Mix
*2 Sauve Shampoo/Conditioner
*1 Lenders Bagels
*1 Jumbo Bag of Kit-Kats (Awesome deal, ended up paying just a $1 for a huge bag of candy, we do not have any trick-or-treaters but I am going to make goody bags for Jackson's party at school, perfect for these)
*1 Bag 8 O'Clock coffee
*2 Land o' Lake Butters
*2 Degree Deodorants
*2 Progresso Soups (Not on sale, but needed them)
*2 Wishbone Salad Dressings
*6 Yoplait Yogurts

NOTE: I spent an extra $9 on things that were not necessarily a great deal; weight watchers quesadillas and the progresso soups.  If you take those items off, you should be able to walk out spending around $19, depending on your stores individual prices.

Visit Southern Savers for the entire ad/coupon matchups!

TOTALS: Spent 28.27, Saved 41.36


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  1. That is amazing, I need to do better with coupons!


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